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A Trusted Dealer is one that has a proven track record of clean business practices and is certified by Motor Trader. A Trusted Dealer sells only the best used cars that have been inspected and certified by our trusted inspectors from Goo KANTEI.

The Dealer must have a good reputation, and must go beyond simple sales functions and deliver into the after sales to build functional relationships with customers.


A Trusted Dealer must also strictly adhere to the 5 principles needed to be certified by Motor Trader.

MotorTrader Trusted Certified Logo No History of Cheating

A ‘Trusted Dealer’ should have no history of cheating customers in any way or form. By dealing with a Trusted Dealer, a customer is assured that the Dealer will only engage in practices that are clean and beneficial to all parties.

MotorTrader Trusted Certified Logo Cars Are Goo KANTEI Inspected

When buying from a Trusted Dealer, customers can be assured that the car he or she is about to buy has been thoroughly inspected for any damages or repairs by an inspector at Goo KANTEI.

MotorTrader Trusted Certified Logo Total Transparency

A Trusted Dealer is honest with the condition of the cars he sells. He openly displays cars that have been involved in accidents and is truthful about any repairs that may be needed. He also keeps no secrets of any lost documentation, if any.

MotorTrader Trusted Certified Logo No Misleading Ads

What you see is what you get! A Trusted Dealer does not provide fake images or false information simply to lure you into the showroom. A Trusted Dealer only publishes authentic images of the car on sale and provides accurate information on the car’s condition in all advertisements.

MotorTrader Trusted Certified Logo Good After Sales Service

A Trusted Dealer knows and understands that a happy customer is bound to return. A Trusted Dealer offers good aftersales service such as helping buyers perform vehicle check at Puspakom, transfer of ownership road tax & insurance renewal or even car grooming such as a polishing and waxing. Basically anything that makes a customer’s ownership experience better.

MotorTrader Trusted Certified Logo


By working with some of the most reliable used car dealers, Motor Trader is able to advise you,
which dealer is best to buy from through a stringent certification process.

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